Sunday 25-10-2020 SW-696 2196
Saturday 24-10-2020 SW-695 8510
Friday 23-10-2020 SW-694 6752
Thursday 22-10-2020 SW-693 4917
Wednesday 21-10-2020 SW-692 5083
Tuesday 20-10-2020 SW-691 8126
Monday 19-10-2020 SW-690 2357
Sunday 18-10-2020 SW-689 6790
Saturday 17-10-2020 SW-688 4215
Friday 16-10-2020 SW-687 0572
Thursday 15-10-2020 SW-686 2854
Wednesday 14-10-2020 SW-685 5687
Tuesday 13-10-2020 SW-684 1421
Monday 12-10-2020 SW-683 3763
Sunday 11-10-2020 SW-682 8950
Saturday 10-10-2020 SW-681 2319


The Swedia Lottery results from the latest draw, as well as those from the last 90 days, will be shown on this page as
soon as they have been held. The winning numbers are shown here in the order in which they were drawn. As the lottery
number is pulled from a separate pool of balls, it may be the same as one of the main numbers.

Select the green arrow to view the Lottery results of a draw in more detail, including country specific prize
breakdowns and a count of the total number of winners from all participating countries.