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Guide to playing Swedia Lotto online
Swedia Lotto is the most popular lottery game in Sweden. Swedia people care about tradition and are eager to protect their cultural symbols, such as their beloved lottery. It is among the oldest lotteries in the world as it’s been around since 1896. These days players from around the world can enjoy Swedia Lotto online.

It is operated by a state-owned company called Svenska Spel. Being operated by a state-owned organization, Swedia Lotto endows the players with an extra level of safety. Combining this feeling of security and great odds of winning, Swedia Lotto takes its place among the best European online lotteries. Let’s dig deep into our detailed Swedia Lotto guide to learn more about this popular lottery.

How to Play Swedia Lotto Online
Swedia Lotto is one of those major lotteries which are available both at the best online lottery betting sites and the best online lottery agents. Regardless of what type of lottery site you choose to play, the Swedia Lotto rules are the same everywhere. There are 35 numbers on 1 line beginning from number 1. You need to choose 7 numbers on each line in order to enter the draw.

You need to guess all the 7 winning numbers in order to hit the Swedia Lotto jackpot. However, there are more ways to win prizes at Swedia Lotto. There is a secondary draw along with the main one to draw 4 extra numbers called the Joker Numbers. So, if you guess 7 winning numbers and at least 2 of the Joker Numbers, then you’ll win the Super Jackpot, which is higher than the standard jackpot. In order to win a prize at Swedia Lotto, it is enough to guess only the 4 of the winning numbers. Naturally, the more winning numbers you guess, the biggest the prize gets.

Swedia Lotto draws take place bi-weekly on every Wednesday and Saturday. The jackpot prize rolls over until a winner claims the prize. So, the lottery jackpot, which seems small at the beginning, can grow exponentially over time.

Bet on the Outcome of Swedia Lotto

The only way to enter Swedia Lottery is by placing the bet on the outcome of the draw through one of the popular online lottery betting sites like LottoGo. The lottery betting system allows you to enjoy the lottery without actually entering the original lottery draw. This way you still get the chance to win a huge lottery prize, which is as big as the one given by the original lottery operator, and get to keep your anonymity. Moreover, you can claim great online lottery bonuses such as discounted or even free tickets, deposit bonuses, and more.

The Biggest Swedia Lotto Wins
Swedia Lotto may not be one of the lotteries with the biggest jackpots. However, it is one of the lotteries with the best winning odds. The odds of hitting the Swedia Lotto jackpot are 1 in 6,724,520 which is much higher than most national and transnational lotteries. The Swedia Lotto winnings are tax-free and there is no jackpot cap.

The largest ever Swedia Lotto win so far is SEK 237 million, which is over EUR 23.1 million claimed by a 50-year-old man from Norrkoping. He hit the jackpot with a ticket worth SEK 100 which is less than EUR 10.

All in all, Swedia Lotto offers great odds and a reliable lottery gaming experience. It is available at quite a few safe and legal online lottery sites. It is definitely worth a try.

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